Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation

What does ‘open weather permitting’ mean?

For our business, ‘weather permitting’ means how the weather affects us in regards to being able to be open or not. Generally speaking, if it is 50+ degrees and sunny, no matter what time of the year it is, we’ll be open.

I came by your facility (insert date/time) and you weren’t open! What’s the deal?

If ever we’re not open, it is likely weather related or because of seasonal time changes. We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately, being an outdoor facility, we’re at the mercy of the seasons and weather. Please call, check our social media, or website for the most current hours.


Are we allowed to bring in cake, presents, etc for a birthday party?

Currently no. At this present time we do not have a room/facility to house such events and typically when people bring in such party favors it disrupts other patrons and causes a mess, so as of now we don’t allow it.

I would like to bring in (30+) people. Can I get a group rate?

Absolutely! Just give us a call 48 hours in advance of your outing so we can reserve a discounted rate for you.


Do you guys honor military discounts? How about police, firefighters, etc?

Yes, we honor all the above. Fridays are our discount days for military and community service members. Just bring in your ID for $1 (roughly 20%) off each person in your group.

Do you host fundraisers?

Yes, we offer competitive fundraising opportunities for your organization. Check out our Fundraising page here!


Can I bring my pet (dog, cat, pig, duck, iguana, etc)?

While we love animals as much as the next person, we cannot allow any animal that is not a registered service animal onto the premises. This is due to a deal of issues including: we are not a public park, we do not want to risk health issues associated with pet excrement on our greens, we do not want to risk the potential injury to other patrons, and we do not want to risk the potential injury to the wildlife at our facility (rabbits, birds, etc). Additionally; if a service animal is acting aggressive toward other patrons or is making a mess and not being cleaned up after, we do reserve the right to prohibit said service animal from remaining in our facility.

Why do you only have golf and batting? Why not have go carts and/or an arcade?

We decided long ago that our focus needed to be mini golf and batting. As fun as other activities are, the size of our facility doesn’t allow for having such a massive variety of entertainment.

I or someone I am bringing is in a wheelchair. Does your course accommodate that?

Yes! We have a full 18 hole course built specifically with wheelchair accessibility.

Batting Cages

Do we have to wear helmets in the batting cages?

We require helmets to be worn in the batting cages to ensure our patrons’ safety.

Can we bring in our own batting equipment?

Yes, but be mindful that Legends Miniature Golf & Batting is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Applying for a Job

When are you hiring?

We hire for the beginning of the season between March and May of each year. We begin accepting applications as early as January.

Can I apply online?

Currently, no. However; you can come by our location in person.

How old do I have to be to be considered for hire?

We welcome applicants of any legal working age, but we do expect all applicants to have reliable transportation.

Misc. Questions

What happened to the Pokemon Go stops and gym?

For the safety of our staff and patrons, and because of the damage to our facility reckless players have caused, we decided to have the game disabled at our location. Regretfully, most people playing the game were respectful and adhered to the game’s rules; however, others did not, and over the years since the game’s launch have cost us a great deal of extra stress and expense attempting to keep the game safe and fun at our location.